Russian airline cancels Sukhoi aircraft orders after crash

The Russian regional airline, Yamal Airlines announced they are going to cancel the order for the planned purchase of 10 Sukhoi Superjet 100’s; the same aircraft that was involved in the fatal crash in Moscow recently.

The announcement of the cancellation followed only hours after the Russian transport minister said there wasn’t any reason to ground the Russian-produced aircraft. In the fatal crash, 41 people on-board an Aeroflot airplane lost their lives.

The state-run news agency TASS quoted Vasily Kryuk, Yamal’s general director, stating the airline was cancelling the order of the aircrafts due to servicing costs being too high and not being related to the crash. Yamal currently has 15 of the airplanes in their fleet, which makes Yamal the second biggest operator of the Superjet behind Aeroflot, who has 50 of the aircrafts.

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