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The Faroe Islands to have direct flights to New York

The national airline of the Faroe Islands, Atlantic Airways currently only has 9 destinations serving a population of around 50,000, but it looks like a dream is coming true for the airline soon, as the airline has announced direct flights from the Faroe Islands in the fall.

Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways is a smaller airline, with big ambitions. Their fleet currently has one A320 and two A319 aircrafts along with a few helicopters. Additionally, the airline expects to get delivered two A320neo aircrafts in 2019 and to start operating them from July. In 2019, the airline will also expand with direct flights from the Faroe Islands to Paris.

The Faroe Islands is a small collection of islands located 200 miles (320 km) north-northwest of the United Kingdom. The islands are not a major tourist destination compared to for example Spain, but the islands are a worthwhile visit and are known for their nature.

For Europeans, the Faroe Islands aren’t too difficult to get to, as you can connect in Copenhagen, Edinburgh or Barcelona, however it’s been very difficult to get to from North America until now.

The flight to New York is just over 3,000 mi, which is slightly longer than the route WOW Air was operating from Reykjavik to New York. The new route will be one of the longer routes operated by an A320neo aircraft.

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