EU proposes 30-day travel ban in Europe


The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen has proposed a temporary 30-day travel restriction to the EU. This is in an effort to contain the Coronavirus Pandemic, which the EU is currently in the epicenter of.

The announcement was made this afternoon by the president of the European Commission. This follows a similar travel ban made by US President Donald Trump last week, for people leaving the EU for the US.

The travel ban, which is subject to an approval by the EU leaders, can be extended as necessary after the the initial 30-day period. The ban would apply for land borders but would also apply to air traffic. The plan, which will be finalized on Tuesday, will still allow travel between the EU and the UK.

There will be several exemptions under the new travel ban, if approved, including for EU citizens coming home, healthcare workers and for scientists working on treatments for the virus, as well as for frontier workers (people who commute across EU borders for their jobs).

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