Danish billionaire to invest in Great Dane Airlines

Great Dane Airlines

Despite only being launched recently, it has been a troublesome start for the Danish airline Great Dane Airlines. The co-founder, Huy Duc Nguyen was exposed by Danish newspaper Nordjyske to allegedly have falsified information on his CV and on LinkedIn about jobs he never had, which caused the co-founder to withdraw from the position shortly after.

On Nguyen’s departure, Thomas Hugo Møller, founding member of the airline acquired Nguyen’s stocks. The airline was looking for a new investor and they have announced billionaire Eigild Bødker Christensen is the new investor in the Danish airline. The investment is part of Christensen’s investment company SEBC II ApS.

“It is an exciting project that helps to develop Northern Jutland for the benefit of both business and tourism, which I am very pleased to contribute to,” says Eigild Bødker Christensen.

Originally, Great Dane Airlines had 400,000 Danish Crowns invested, with a 50/50% split of the company between Thomas Hugo Møller and Huy Duc Nguyen. The plan is to increase the investment to 1.6 million Danish Crowns with a guarantee of 10 million Danish Crowns that will be made for the operation.

“I’m a very happy man! Great Dane Airlines now has the best conditions to be successful and I look forward to working with Eigild,” says Thomas Hugo Møller.


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